Indoor Premier Results-June 7

St Peters Cambridge Open A 41 vs FTNC Premier Reserves 71

Verdettes Marist Old Girls 61 vs Waikato Diocesan Open A 39

FTNC Premier 66 vs Nottingham Castle Rangers 49


Uni Premier 73 vs Verdettes Marist Premier 31

The first week of the new look Indoor Premier netball competition, at a new venue for all eight teams, saw the first-ranked team play 8, 2 play 7, 3 play 6 and 4 play 5.

This resulted in some big scores and exciting netball. Three new teams have joined the competition - St Peters Premier, Waikato Diocesan Open A and Nottingham Castle Rangers.

Two teams from both FTNC and Verdettes Marist, along with last year's winners University Premier make up the remaining teams.

The closest game last weekend was between third-ranked FTNC Premier and one of the newcomers, Nottingham Castle Rangers.

The first quarter was close with only six goals between them and the second and third quarters a draw.

FTNC Premier, in the final quarter, edged ahead to take the game 66 goals to 49.

All credit to Nottingham Castle Rangers players for staying in the hunt the bulk of the game. Overall, a great game to watch as highly competitive.


Second-ranked Verdettes Marist Old Girls also took a while to get in sync and they had a tough challenge against promoted Waikato Diocesan Open A.

Georgia Bodle at C for Waikato Dio Open A attempts to intercept the ball from Rachel Beale at GD for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald
Georgia Bodle at C for Waikato Dio Open A attempts to intercept the ball from Rachel Beale at GD for Verdettes Marist Old Girls. Photo / Judy Macdonald

At the end of the first quarter, there was only two goals in it but by half time, Marist Old Girls were ahead by 32 goals to 20 due to a more cohesive team effort.

The third quarter was again close and Marist Old Girls only increased their lead by a further three goals.

Then again the final quarter was telling and the Marist Old Girls came away showing confidence to win 61 goals to 39.

A nice game from the young Diocesan team who showed composure at this next level and it was a good taste for them of what is to come.

Captain Georgia Bodle was a standout, leading by example, first at centre and then at goal defence.

Ranked fifth FTNC Premier Reserve showed they had come to play and dominated over promoted St Peters Premier.

Team connections were strong and their defence relentless. At the opposite end, their shooters were consistently accurate.

Jo Troughton at goal shoot was outstanding, presenting strongly to receive the ball and shooting with success.

FTNC led at half time by 32 goals to 16. Their second and third quarters were strong but in the final quarter, the difference was only five goals with an improved performance from the St Peters Premier team throughout the game.

The final score was 71 goals to 41. St Peters Premier took a while to settle, allowing FTNC Premier Reserve some early easy goals.

Atlanta Bruce at goal shoot was strong, assisted by Scarlett Glover at Glover at goal attack in the second half.

Stand-in captain Kaycee Smith worked hard in the unfamiliar position of goal defence with the normal defence unavailable.

A tough game first up for the young team but better for the experience.

University Premier started the season as they had ended last season; with strength, speed and precision.

They dominated every quarter in their game against Verdettes Marist Premier despite a determined effort by Marist.

By half time, the score was 34 goals to 14 and at fulltime the score was 73 goals to 31.

For University, it was a good game following on from the Super 12 competition and Anahia Noble at goal attack was the standout as a new member of the team.

For Marist Premier, the defence unit captained by Deyna Tukere playing goal keep and goal defence got plenty of turnover ball and Hannah Bree at goal keep was the player of the day.

Overall the whole team played with a lot of heart and pride against a well drilled University side.