This is a photo of me from 2007 at a party in my Wellington flat.

Way too late a year to be entertaining those frosted-looking tips, that horrible shirt with some sort of gibberish written on it. And that necklace. And lower lip of facial hair. Who even was I back then?

I'm so sorry. I thought I looked amazing and super attractive.

Like Charles Dickens said: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."


So 1996 called and I gave it back its frosted tips, necklace and terrible attempt at facial hair and I'm good now.

I care way less about what other people think and my personal style some days — my dress sense is like a clown met a 12-year-old boy, they both got high on sugar, blindfolded themselves and dressed a baby giraffe to go to a 90s party. But I'm good with it.

So here's why I'm displaying this pic for the world to see.

Because some people in the Bay really deserve a makeover. I'm not one — I've only got myself to blame.

The good people at Hair to stare at are extending their salon to have this amazing pamper area, which would be pretty sweet for weddings or hen's dos or any birthday party at just about any age, or just because you want to get your friends together and chill out and be looked after a bit.

In honour of the Bay supporting them as a local business, Hair to stare at is going to give something back.

We've chosen eight amazingly deserving finalists who are all going to the salon today to get makeovers and photos taken.

We are then going to tell you who they are and show you their amazing transformation and you can go and vote on who you think should get a big pamper day for them and their friends at the extended salon. It won't be an easy task as the finalists all seem deserving.

There's a mum of five who has had leukaemia for nine years.

A mum separating from her partner, making sure the kids are still loved and sheltered from her pain. All while losing 30kg and wanting to feel beautiful.

A mum who's been there for her partner, kids, family and friends for years, often to her own detriment financially and time-wise who deserves a little bit of great stuff for herself.

Someone with such aggressive eczema that she often ends up in medical treatment and dressings, unable to use pretty much all soaps and skin care products.

All of these women and the other finalists are deserving.

Thank you, Hair to stare at Bethlehem. for providing this opportunity for people who deserve and want it.

Once we have some before and after shots I want you to go and vote on who should get the pamper session for their friends and family at

• Will Johnston is the local 9am-3pm host for The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM. He's also a celebrant and MC.