Gail Webster filled her car up at Gull in Merivale yesterday, where the price of petrol was $2.04 a litre.

The Greerton resident regularly used the petrol station on Fraser St as the price of petrol was usually the cheapest price close to where she lived.

However, Webster said the price of $2.04 for 91 was the highest price she had seen at the petrol station in a long time.

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"The price of petrol has increased badly," she said.

Webster and her husband, who both received pensions, used an app on their phones to see where the cheapest prices were in the city.

"I have to rely on my car so we do shop around. We have to make every cent count," she said.

Webster was shocked to hear some Tauranga petrol stations were charging $2.19 for 91, but said she would pay that price if it was absolutely necessary.