I was lucky that we always had food on the table when I was a kid.

I can remember our meals were balanced and healthy, and I always went to school with a full stomach. I never went hungry.

But not every kid is as lucky.

It pains me to think that anyone would not have enough to eat – especially children. Something about that is just so wrong.


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But this is the reality and why our Tauranga Community Foodbank is such an important part of our social landscape.

I have been a huge supporter of the foodbank for years now. The Bay of Plenty Times has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in food and cash with our Christmas appeals.

But now, as we report today, the foodbank needs urgent help after struggling with bare shelves and rising costs – including having to pay $42,000 in yearly rent for the first time.

In response, we have today launched a Foodbank SOS campaign – a short, sharp effort to raise money and food cans.

I was fortunate as a child and I consider myself blessed today that I can put food on the table for my own family.

But life is fickle and I never take it for granted that I will always be so fortunate.

You never know when your luck can change and you're the one needing help.


I believe it can happen to any one of us.

So please, help us help the foodbank. It doesn't take much – just a few cans of food, or a gold coin.

Details of how to help will be in our SOS stories over the next few weeks.

Your donation will help make a huge difference to people in need.