A two-week trial on State Highway 2 aims to reduce the number of people using the side roads and lead to improved travel time.

It is hoped the trial, to be carried out between Clarke Rd and Te Puna Station Rd on weekdays from Monday, May 14 to Friday, May 25, will determine whether delays can be reduced for people using the highway near Te Puna.

Solutions that are being trialled include removing the right-turn into Te Puna Station Rd from SH2, speed reductions on Te Puna Station Rd and closing Te Puna Station Rd from Clarke Rd. People will access SH2 from Clarke Rd or Te Puna Rd.

The trial results will be assessed, and more permanent options may be implemented.


NZ Transport Agency Bay of Plenty journey manager Nigel D'Ath said this should reduce the number of people using the side roads and will hopefully lead to improved and more consistent travel time.

"We will have people on site monitoring this trial, and if queues become too long it will be removed," D'Ath said.

"The results will be analysed, and we will be in contact with the community again to let them know the outcome."

Traffic volumes and travel time data were collected in late 2017 while Te Puna Station Rd was closed for slip repairs and again when the road was reopened.

The data indicated some minor reduction in travel time on SH2 when Te Puna Station Rd was closed. However, a more in-depth trial needs to be done during the school term.

The trial is classified as a minor improvement.