The Bay of Plenty community has come together to collect clothing and linen for Rotorua's flood victims.

The torrential rain left Rotorua struggling to stay afloat on Monday, and the Rotorua Lakes Council declared a state of emergency in Ngongotaha. Hundreds of residents had to evacuate.

Collection organiser Kaysi Fredericks has been coordinating the operation through the Bay of Plenty Weather and Natural Events Facebook page she helps administer.

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"We started collecting on Monday, and the reception has been pretty good, we've had quite a few donate," Fredericks said.

"People are really wanting to help, and the people that have helped are people that know someone that's been in a flood before or have been in a flood themselves," she said.

"So they're giving back for what they got which is absolutely awesome."

The cause is close to Fredericks' heart, having experienced a flood herself.

"I used to be a director for a Women's Refuge Haven of Grace, and we had a flood the day before we were supposed to move - we lost everything,' she said.

"We ended up about a metre under water."

Clothing, dressing gowns, duvets and linen, children's toys and teddy bears make up the bulk of what has been donated for Rotorua victims.

Fredericks and other organisers have been contacting social workers and other agencies in Rotorua who have been finding homes for the donated items.


She said the best thing about the collection had been seeing how generous and community focused people were in the Facebook group.

"No matter what happens everyone pitches in, so if it happens again [another flood], I'm sure members will just jump straight back in."