Owners of unliveable Bella Vista homes say they are feeling humbled and embarrassed by the outpouring of community support and sympathy for their plight.

From family and friends providing meals night after night, to bars shouting drinks as homeowners gathered after tense council meetings, to messages from strangers offering their spare rooms - support has come in many different forms.

This week Bethlehem woman Jane Blakeman put her hand up to co-ordinate community support for the affected families if they wanted it.

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"I really feel for them. I wondered if there could be small things the rest of us in Tauranga could do."

Just yesterday a Facebook group - Bella Vista Evacuees Support Group - was set up for people to post messages of support and accommodation offers.

Tony Mann and Jenny Coffey, both evacuated from their homes, described the support as humbling, emotional and - as people with pride - embarrassing.

"I am so grateful to the community for thinking of us. We've been really moved," Coffey said.

A rental agent helped her and husband Damian find a rental that would accept their four dogs.

Both Mann and Coffey had also encountered people saying "horrible things" on social media.

"But for every one of those we have had 100 good ones," Mann said.