Currently when I look at cool houses to buy on it's with a look somewhere between how a chubby toddler looks at a cupcake or stairs .

He's in to it, but he's not sure exactly how to handle the task at hand,

And yes, I can say those things because I used to be both of those; chubby and a toddler. I've never been stairs. Or a cupcake. Except for when I once pulled out of playing a game of rugby because I had a sore toe. The coach called me a 'cupcake'. Rather than being offended by that slur, it just made me hungry. Which is when I knew I would never be an All Black.

But I've moved on, I'll be fine guys.


What isn't fine is how much rent/mortgage people in the Bay of Plenty seem to be paying.

How would you like someone else to pay all of your rent/mortgage repayments for an entire year?! I'm not even suggesting you get a sugar daddy/mumma to get this done. No gold digging required!

If you're still wondering what 'One Roof' is and haven't scurried away to Google it before reading on, their tagline is 'All Things Property, Under One Roof'.

I'm not quite at the stage where I'd look for a house based on school. You can search properties based on their commute time from work and even based on 'affordability' with your annual income and deposit amount.

Also kind of depressing… I'd recommend not searching 'Mount Maunganui' if you're searching under the 'affordability' tag. It's enough to make you blow your almost-house-deposit-in-literally-any-other-region-than-Tauranga on cheap booze and a holiday in any country of your choosing for a year!

So, One Roof have given us a really cool opportunity at The Hits Bay of Plenty 95FM to give one person the opportunity to 'Live Free'.

So you could actually finish/start saving for a house, or knock off a chunk of your existing mortgage, or spend the money on a massively depreciating investment that will actually make you happy (like a jetski and the best wardrobe full of clothes that aren't from Kmart that you've ever seen).

They are offering to pay your rent/mortgage repayments every week for 12 months.

If your rent is $450 p/w then that's almost $23,500 a year. 'Live Free' indeed!

When you look at it like that it makes you a wee bit sick huh. Especially if it's rent, thus someone else's mortgage you're literally paying.

Get in the draw over the next three weeks by listening to The Hits and calling when you hear a cue-to-call. We play them heaps! It literally could change the direction of your life, right?!

Do you know what I heard this week? 53% of people in NZ aged 18-24 believe Wifi is more essential than a hot shower.

This is the one and only time I was mildly fine with many of them never being in a position to ever buy a house in the BOP. I almost high-fived a baby boomer for screwing it for them! Because if Wifi over a shower is where your head is at then you need a serious reality check. But then I realised it's kind of screwed for me too…

So I'll keep saving and maybe get there one day

But YOU, you can enter the draw to get that dream a significant portion closer. Gimme a bell next week when you hear the cue-to-call, hopefully I can help you in to your very own hot shower. Which I mean in a completely platonic way. Good luck!