A lucky punter from Tauranga has unwrapped the ultimate birthday gift after winning $166,667 with Lotto First Division.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, plays the same numbers each week so when they popped up on Facebook after the draw she recognised them straight away.

"My lucky numbers are my kid's birthdates, so there was no missing them when I saw them on Facebook," said the winner.

Buzzing with the thought that she may have won a big prize, the woman grabbed her Lotto ticket and sat down at the computer to find out.


"I started circling the numbers off one by one, and they all lined up — I was ecstatic," said the woman.

Wanting to share her good news, the winner immediately picked up the phone and called her daughter.

"It was actually really funny. I was in so much shock I couldn't get the words out — I was all tongue-tied. My poor daughter had no idea what I was going on about," laughed the winner.

Trying to decode her mother's mumbles, the winner's daughter finally got a straight answer when she quipped, "Have you had a birthday bubbles Mum?"

"That's when I said, 'No, but I have won Lotto!'" the winner said.

With a birthday lunch already planned for the following day, the winner had even more to celebrate this year.

"It was the most enjoyable lunch I've ever had, it made for an unbelievable birthday. All the kids were so excited for me and kept saying, 'You deserve it Mum!'" said the winner.

The winning ticket was sold at Omokoroa Beach Store for the Lotto draw on Saturday March 31.