Are you a day-one or a band-wagoner?

The Warriors claimed their fifth victory in a row when they came up against the Cowboys at the weekend, with a score of 22-12.

It was a home game at Mt Smart Stadium, featuring a sell-out crowd of about 26,500 - believed to be the biggest crowd at a Warriors home game in more than 10 years.

How awesome is that? Such a massive crowd, supporting our Kiwi league players and cheering them on to success.


It's great to see there are people willing to back their home league team ... but it seems to be only when it suits them.

One fan in the crowd held a sign asking where all the Warriors fans came from, which I think is a fair enough question.

Kiwis are notorious for kicking our sports teams when they are down, and there is no doubt the Warriors have seen hard times in recent years.

Kiwis don't stick by their teams when they are going through a rough patch. If they are not performing we condemn them, we drop them, and we replace them with something better that will provide that temporary high so many crave.

The loyalty only exists when it suits. How sad!

It was the same when the Kiwis lost their Rugby League World Cup campaign to Fiji in November - a week after they suffered defeat at the hands of the Tongan side in Hamilton.

Social media timelines were filled with people pledging a new allegiance to Mate Ma'a Tonga and Fiji Bati almost immediately after.

Now, the Warriors are facing the reverse.

I've seen many people justifying their loyalty with some claiming to be "Keeping the faith since 1995" or being a "day-one" supporter, and I've also seen people accusing others of jumping on a bandwagon.

Kiwis, it seems, not only lack loyalty but we're a defensive lot when our loyalty is questioned.

How about, we choose our team, support them and stay loyal - through the thick and the thin, until death do us part - and not look for greener pastures elsewhere.