Common sense, it seems, will prevail in relation to a proposed policy change which looked to unfairly hit some Bay community groups in the pocket.

Last week a Tauranga City Council moved to standardise charges for community groups that own buildings sitting on council land was revealed.

The intention was to provide a consistent, transparent and equitable approach to charging.

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Some groups would be substantially better off under the plan, but others were left wondering how they would find substantial sums of money each year to pay land use fees.

Jo Stock was "shocked" to receive a letter "out of the blue" from Tauranga City Council last week proposing Bayfair Community Garden start paying land use fees.

The gardens would be charged $314 a year under a proposed system standardising how community groups were charged to use council land.

That's crazy. We should be encouraging organisations such as the Bayfair Community Garden, not penalising them.

Obviously many residents felt the same way. Councillors and staff reportedly received thousands of "nasty" messages over the matter.

To its credit, the council has acknowledged the error and is taking steps to address it.
Mount Maunganui/Papamoa ward councillor Leanne Brown posted a video on her Facebook page on Thursday admitting the council got it wrong.

"The likes of Bayfair Community Gardens - that give 100 per cent back to the community with food and to the Foodbank - shouldn't be subject to this," she said.

Hopefully, with that assurance, such groups can get on and do what they do best - helping those in need.