No more bins

Our house has three different rubbish bins and the last thing we want is another one.

We are prepared to take our discarded glassware to the nearest collection centre but really feel that the collector, having reduced his service, should do the right thing and reduce their price.

Why on earth can't we also have money back on the empties?


D Lawrence

Bridges has done a lot
In response to Paul Belcaster's letter [BOP Times, March 8] regarding Tauranga's traffic woes, he should be aware Simon Bridges, as Transport Minister, was not responsible for the traffic problems of Tauranga.

As Minister he was responsible for State Highways, not local roading matters.

In spite of this, as Tauranga MP, he has enabled commencement of the construction of the Maungatapu underpass which will assist traffic flow for the Welcome Bay area and work on the overpass at Bayfair, eliminating the bottleneck at the Bayfair roundabout, should begin soon.

One of the biggest problems regarding Tauranga traffic flows is State Highway 2 between Bethlehem and Katikati.

Simon has done a tremendous amount for the Tauranga/Western Bay area. For example, the Tauranga Eastern link had been "on the drawing board" for over 25 years, it is now a reality and one of the finest roads in the country.

Dave Bridgens

Leave the roads
We should be moving traffic away from Tauranga's congested roads, that has no need to be on those roads.

Hewletts Rd and Turrett Rd have lots of traffic from Papamoa/Te Puke/East heading to Tauranga.

Leave those roads to traffic that need to be on them, not traffic only using the roads because there is no direct route to where they are travelling.

Those eastern commuters should be on a road from Bayfair, through Matapihi, joining up with Elizabeth St. That would get traffic directly into the central city without blocking Hewletts and Turret Roads.

Apparently the Matapihi idea has been rejected.

Failing the Bayfair/Matapihi proposal, there could be a road built from the Te Maunga side of the Maungatapu Bridge, across the harbour, to join up with 11th Avenue.

There is also a lot of traffic travelling the congested Cameron Rd, that doesn't actually want to be on that road, or near Greerton.

There needs to be an entry onto Route K from somewhere south of Elizabeth St. A lot of traffic wanting to go from the city, south of the CBD, to the Lakes or west, would then not be blocking Cameron Rd.

J Smith