Illegally dumping rubbish is just lazy.

This week we launched a new series about how rubbish is impacting Tauranga and New Zealand, highlighting not only what lazy litterbugs are doing to our city but also what many in our community are doing to combat waste.

The Western Bay of Plenty District Council spends $60,000-$70,000 each year on removing illegally dumped rubbish which includes staff time, transport or pay for one-off cleaning up efforts.

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Council has received 362 service requests to collect dumped rubbish in the Western Bay since January 1, 2017, and recorded 10,200kg worth of waste illegally dumped.

In Tauranga, illegal rubbish dumping is costing ratepayers about $350 each week.

In the last three years from 2015-2018, cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish has cost the council about $54,000 — $11,000 in 2015, $18,000 in 2016 and $25,000 in 2017.

This is a waste of money being spent fixing problems caused by selfish and lazy people.

Today, we have a story about the Western Bay of Plenty District Council asking residents to photograph people fly tipping and note car registrations to help catch them in the act.

It is hoped that asking the public to record as much detail as possible will help with a successful prosecution. Illegal dumpers who are prosecuted can get fined a minimum of $500.

What a great idea.

Lazy litterbugs apparantly flock to areas between Pongokawa to Waihi Beach, with Oropi Rd, Oropi Gorge Rd, Thompsons Track, Arawa Ave, No 4 Rd, Welcome Bay Rd and Bell Rd attracting the litterbugs.

If you are around these areas and see people illegally dumping rubbish, dob them in so they can take responsibility for their actions and also stop hurting out clean green image.

People with information that can help the council track down offenders can phone the Western Bay of Plenty District Council's hotline, 0800 TRASHY (0800 872 749).

Let's hope we catch some of these illegal rubbish dumpers and they are held accountable.