Maori wards

Mr Dey, (Letters, February 13) perhaps does not comprehend how creating a Maori ward may disenfranchise Maori citizens enrolled on the Maori roll and/or the general roll.

If the referendum is successful the councillors have to investigate a "whole of district representation" review.

For example, decide how many councillors the district wants? If it is 10, plus a mayor, then the decision may be three general wards plus one Maori ward (or any other number of councillors/wards they may consider).

A person on the Maori roll will only be eligible to vote for the Maori candidate, and any Maori on the general roll will only be eligible to vote for the electoral candidate standing in the ward that they reside in.

It would appear that an individual's right of choice is compromised no matter what their cultural preference may be.

Maureen J Anderson
Pyes Pa

TECT cheques

It would seem we have numerous crystal ball gazers who foresee TECT cheques to consumers continuing for a further 55 years and beyond. That's as maybe, but it's evident our elected trust considered otherwise and given their experience many will prefer to rely on their predictions.


Their past performance in the administration of the shareholdings on our behalf, and distribution to consumers and community does them credit.

It has been suggested that other proposals could merit consideration, albeit reliant upon the sale of some shares. It gives rise to the scenario that a larger lump-sum payment could be more acceptable. Regardless, continuing support for Trustpower would seem to be in the best interest of any future TECT involvement.

Vic Sterling
The Lakes

Bad drivers
Once more the lead story in the Bay of Plenty Times was of traffic woes. Roads by themselves are not dangerous and do not cause accidents. Bad driving causes accidents. Driving in Tauranga and most of New Zealand is of a very poor nature. Drivers not allowing a safe distance between cars (the two-second rule). Inappropriate speeds and a lack of consideration and courtesy for other road users cause accidents.

Malcolm Buchanan

Child poverty

It seems to me that this child poverty issue could be greatly improved if parents used a bit of common sense and family planning. Before you bring a child into this world, decide if "you" can afford to house, feed, clothe and educate one or more children.