Hammer drivers using cellphones

With regard to talking on cellphones and driving, why not do what Australia is considering and let New Zealand be the first? Suspend driving licences if caught on a cellphone while driving and make the fines a lot higher.
I saw with interest the shopkeeper in the South Island who put a notice in his shop window: "If you cannot be bothered to turn off your cellphone, I cannot be bothered to serve you".
I wish a few other shops would do this, especially cafes and restaurants.
I'm fed up going out for a meal only to have to listen to so many pointless conversations going on around you; also when entering shops to find the shop assistant on the phone obviously on a personal call and not putting the phone down. I now walk out and go elsewhere.
Wendy Galloway

Bottle deposits
Bring back deposits on all glass bottles, make it worthwhile picking them up by selling them back for say 20 cents.
In England they are crushed and used in roading. No, you won't get punctures as you are able to run your hands through it once crushed.
Lois Slater
Pyes Pa

Inland ports


As we read with interest
of the hugely changing port
environment in New Zealand I wondered whether anyone
has added two and two together?
Inland ports can store vast numbers of containers for a fraction of the cost to sea-based ports.
All that's needed to make them work well are huge trains feeding the sea ports day and night.
Does that not ring any bells anywhere?
Graeme Martin