Seeing clearly

It is quite likely that Colin Adams' horse and cart did not need driving lights but vehicles have become much more speedy since his day (


, December 29). The ability to see cars and trucks more clearly, both at a distance and while driving in town will measurably reduce the road toll, which includes deaths, dings and disabilities - without a shadow of a doubt.

Graham Steenson


Israel history

That remnants of the tribe of Judaea (not Jewish) survived conquest and ethnic cleansing to produce today's Jewish (not Judaean) people of Israel I believe is possible if unlikely. Equally possible if unlikely is a direct line between the Arab (not Muslim) shepherds of the arid pastures of Judaea and the Arab (Muslim) shepherds of Palestine. There are four quite distinct and separate cultural groups here. Useful reading the Israeli historian, Yuval Harari's



David Page
Pyes Pa

Stand together

I agree with the statement that the Treaty made us one people with equal rights and responsibilities (


, December 30). The Treaty was an agreement to partnership.

Sadly, my understanding is the Treaty was not honoured by the mainly Pakeha settler government established after the Treaty was signed. I believe greed for Maori land and resources gave rise to Pakeha dominance and control.

Subsequent and, in my view, unjust practices by the then Pakeha-dominated Parliament ensured Maori were shut out of national and local decision making.

Even today, there are those who call for a continuation of this as they seek to retain their positions of power.

Is the Pakeha relationship to Maori one of genuine partnership and dialogue or are some Pakeha in effect engaged in a monologue of their own?

Let us restore honour and justice as the governing principles of our nation. To accomplish this, Maori and Pakeha need to stand together as they seek to establish a Maori ward that will serve our communities more effectively.

A Manley