That wise old saying "Life is short" really is true.

I've had many discussions with people of late who are unhappy in their lives for many reasons, whether it's in their relationships, careers or their own progress in certain areas.

They feel trapped, unloved, unwanted or just unsatisfied in their surroundings.

However most of these people, though they are not in their ideal situations, have their health and so do their loved ones.


I know many other people who have suffered loss. Friends and family have had close family members pass away in recent times, and others have had children struck down with horrible illnesses that will require ongoing treatments, a lot of support and the hope they will pull through.

These are the struggles that are forever, that are life-changing and cannot be changed.

If that relationship you're in is toxic, it really can't bring out the best in you and you should probably free yourself from it.

If that relationship you were in has been over for some time but you're still clinging on to memories or hope of it rekindling when it isn't going to happen, let go because you can't move on when your head is still holding on to the past.

If that job isn't satisfying or you feel like you aren't getting enough out of it anymore, change it.

If you're in constant battle with your own motivation to get up and go for that walk or run in a bid to better your fitness, then you have to want it enough. If you don't and you'd prefer to lounge on the couch, eat those goodies or sleep as much as you can - that's not a problem, just don't complain about it.

Most of the time, if you're unhappy in a situation, you can change it. If that is the sort of problem you have, you should be grateful because there are others who are dealing with struggles that cannot be undone.

Let's remember that as we start 2018 - don't face problems you don't have to when you can make the decision to be happy!