Using water, registering a dog, burying ashes, mooring your boat, parking at the airport and renting in a council village - just some of the things set to become more expensive next year.

In a 9am meeting tomorrow Tauranga City Council will consider a set of proposed increases to the fees it charges for various services. If approved, the new costs would come into effect mid-2018.

Among the proposed hikes was a 10c lift in the metred water consumption rate to $1.99 per cubic metre.

The base charge to use the city water supply would increase by $12 to $655 a year.


Registering your pet pooch would cost $130 - $15 more than this year, with the discounted early payment rate increasing $5 to $87.

Fees for seizing and impounding dogs may also go up, with a suggested new charge of $250 for dogs impounded for the fourth time.

Rents in the council's elder housing villages would be lifted from $130-$151 to $132-$154 per week for a single and $158-177 to $161 to $180 for a double.

The rates for parking at Tauranga Airport will rise for every time stint above six hours for short-term parking and five hours for long-term parking.

Charges relating to almost every service relating to developing, building or renovating property were also tipped to rise.

Council staff have proposed introducing a new category of fees for the laboratory work it does for the private sector, such as testing for E.coli, toxins or smells.

A new consistent way of charging community organisations that lease council land for their buildings has also been developed. It included a flat annual rate of $234 plus square metre rates.

That will mean big increases for some organisations that currently pay token fees of, for example, $1 a year.

The council will also look at generals today, including proposals for changing how the rates are set for different sectors of the community.

Proposed fee increase examples:

- Bridge Wharf berthage, 7+ days: daily rate up from $1.80/m to $2/m
- Airport short-term parking, 1 day: Up from $10 to $15
- Register a dog: up from $115 to $130
- Burying ashes in the rose garden area: Up from $700 to $735
- One cubic metre of water: up from $1.89 to $1.99