Things are looking good for Edgecumbe flood victim Glen Rangiaho.

He is still living in his shed but insurance money from his damaged items has meant he has since been "chipping away" at fixing his waterlogged home.

Rangiaho was one of many residents whose property suffered considerable damage when the Rangitaiki River burst its banks on April 6.

Flood waters surged through the town. Homes were red or yellow stickered and residents were sleeping at emergency shelters while everyone else tried mopping up the damage.


Then the burglars hit.

Rangiaho was robbed of the few items that survived the flood.

At the time, he was "disgusted. Absolutely disgusted".

These days: "I'm doing pretty well actually. I can't complain."

Rangiaho has been busy running his tyre and exhaust business. He suspected he might have been helped by people who read his story in April 29's Bay of Plenty Times.

"The feedback was fabulous. I couldn't go anywhere without being stopped. The amount of support I got was amazing.

"But I wasn't the only one who got robbed. It was really bad."

Rangiaho said the truck he believed was involved was also seen at several other burglaries.

"They just terrorised Edgecumbe but, because of the publicity, it pretty much stopped straight away. Just bang! No one saw the truck again."

Rangiaho has given up on getting his stolen gear back, which included a $10,000 jetski, mobile phone and television. Instead, he has been taking his time working on the house while still running the business.

Flood waters crept up 50cm inside his home he shared with his three children. Rangiaho still has not returned.

"I'm still in the shed but it's my own doing. I'm doing the work on the house myself. I haven't done a whole lot."

Rangiaho had fitted the shed out with enough creature comforts that it was "very house like".

"I've done a good job," he boasted.

Rangiaho was overwhelmed by the support from all over but in particular his insurers and bank.

"Westpac and Lumley were amazing. I just, in some way, would like to thank the bank and insurers for just being fair. Just being good guys."