Julia Newman has just graduated from Tauranga Girls' College and already has plans to study a bachelor of commerce combined with a bachelor of law majoring in international business.

The 18-year-old has a scholarship to study commerce and law at the University of Otago and hopes to secure a tennis scholarship in the United States.

The talented teen was also this year's Westpac Business Awards Teenpreneur of the Year.

Newman said the award was a great start to her future academic endeavours of pursuing a commerce and business degree. "But more importantly, it will look good on my CV."


"It has given me the self-belief that I can, and hopefully will, start up my own company and follow my own business interests one day," Newman said.

Newman was the communication director for her Tauranga Girls' College Young Enterprise Team 'Blend and Go' - a frozen smoothie already cut, prepared and blended for consumers on the go.

In her role, Newman helped the group overcome challenging hurdles.

"I offered a few simple open exercises which solved our communicate issues, it was simple and worked for our success moving forward," she said.

"I believed I showed the qualities of a leader and throughout the year I have successfully made good relations with our regional co-ordinator, mentors and business people we came across."

Newman will continue to gain business experience during a summer internship at Property Managers Group which won the Innovation Award in the Westpac Business Awards.

"I hope to gain some valuable experience from the PMG and expand on my own entrepreneur flair.

"The knowledge gain from PMG will be invaluable and again, the internship will look really good on my CV."


Newman hoped to seek more business opportunities and avoid having to conform to a strict nine-to-five job.

"If or when business opportunities present themselves, I hope to have gained the knowledge, experience and confidence to pursue that opportunity," Newman said.

"So, is being an entrepreneur a career? I'm not sure, but that's what I want to do."

The teenager idolised Theresa Gattung who was the co-founder of My Food Bag.

"Her successes and intelligence is very inspiring and her skills developed due to her experiences and decision-making which opened opportunities are what I hope to gain over the years," Newman said.

"I also look up to Maria Sharapova, she has branded herself through tennis and her business, Sugarpova."

Newman's ability to bring people together and enhance the channels of communication was similarly reflected and recognised when she won the Sylvia Stephenson Trophy Sportsmanship Award.

The teenager received the award earlier in the year for her contribution to junior tennis and the positive effect to the tennis community.

Newman started playing tennis when she was 7 after watching her older brothers play.

"Both my brothers were really good tennis players and I wanted to be like them," she said.

"From there until now my parents have supported me and given me the space to develop my own game."

Newman has been competing in a national tennis competition from December 10 and was aiming for a tennis scholarship in the United States.

"I am really excited. It has been my goal for the past couple of years and I feel that I am almost there," Newman said.

"Beyond that I am unsure of what the future will bring."