More people are reading the Bay of Plenty Times.

The paper's typical daily readership has grown 3000 over the past year to reach 32,000 readers, according to the latest Nielsen survey.

NZME regional editor Scott Inglis said the Bay of Plenty Times had brought readers a variety of exclusive local stories this year, from spot news to weekend in-depth features and interviews.

"It's clear that readers are enjoying this premium, local content. We've introduced more human interest stories recently as well, which gives readers more variety," Inglis said.


"Our great range of print content is also complemented by our online offering at, where we are dedicated to bringing you the latest local breaking news."

General manager Greg Murphy said the increased readership result was also great news for businesses because it further reinforced the strength of the NZME audience customers can reach across the region.

"The result also demonstrates that there was still a deep engagement with the Bay of Plenty Times and this allows local advertisers to cost-effectively reach a large local audience via their advertising in the paper."

Other NZME media brands have enjoyed growth in the latest survey.

The New Zealand Herald's daily audience has hit one million for the first time across its print and digital titles.

The Herald on Sunday, which remains the country's best read Sunday newspaper, and the Weekend Herald both enjoyed year-on-year readership growth.

The Weekend Herald is read by 477,000 people, up 8000 on a year ago. And the Herald on Sunday is read by 341,000 - up 25,000 in the past 12 months. The publication has grown its audience for the past five consecutive quarters.

NZME managing editor Shayne Currie said audiences were engaging with a wide range of in-depth journalism, investigative reporting and new forms of storytelling.

"We have a fantastic team of editors who do an outstanding job leading their teams to provide engaging, entertaining and inspiring content."