Greenpark School children pack their bags and wave goodbye to mum and dad every week day - but every once and a while, some get the chance to attend school thousands of kilometres from home.

More than 200 Greenpark pupils have experienced what it is like to go to school and live in South Korea since 2006 as part of a school exchange set up when principal Graeme Lind established a relationship with the sister school in Hansin.

Lind said more than 200 pupils had visited South Korea to experience a different culture "and soul".

He said pupils fundraised throughout the year to pay for the trip, which was just one of the highlights on the school calendar for the principal.


Lind said what also set the school apart was its point of difference within their arts, sporting, technology and international programmes.

"I always say to parents on enrolment it is all about opportunities and exposure," he said.

"What we are trying to provide for our students is the opportunity to experience a wider range of curricular and non-curricular activities."

Lind said the primary school was unique in being able to offer opportunities in each of the arts, sporting, technology and international sectors, as well as providing specialist teachers for each programme.

The school's art exhibition was a highlight of the school year, Lind said.

"We have art from each student in the classes and people come from all over to view our exhibition."

The senior school production with the Year 5-6 pupils and the wearable arts show were also annual stand-outs.

Lind said the school aimed to enter every sporting competition for Bay of Plenty primary schools to give pupils interested in sport the exposure.

Pupils also took part in technology classes including cooking, sewing, robotics and coding throughout the year.

Although Greenpark is a big school with more than 800 pupils, Lind says "We have a small school feel".

- Think and act wisely
- Become effective problem solvers using creative and innovative thinking
- Develop resilience and a sense of self worth
- Establish strong links with whanau, iwi and community
- Celebrate their own culture and that of others
- Become technologically literate
- Develop respect and tolerance for others
- Be committed to physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
- Be literate and numerate


Location: Tauranga
Ministry of Education profile number: 1729
School type: Contributing (Years 1 to 6)
School roll: 828
Number of international students: 20
Gender composition: Boys 55%, Girls 45%
Ethnic composition: Pakeha 64%, Maori 15%, Indian 9%, Asian 7%, Pacific 2%, Other 3%
Review team on site: February 2016
Date of this report: May 6, 2016


"The reason why I love Greenpark School is because of all of the opportunities."
Charanya Illangamudalige, 10

"The reason why I like Greenpark School is because of all the sport."
Billy Ramsden, 11

"All of the teachers are so caring and are always caring about your needs."
James Stratton, 11

"I like the nice atmosphere. All of the teachers are lovely and it is a really great place."
Bella Silvester, 10