One of Tauranga's newest MPs says swearing a parliamentary oath was one of the most prized moments of her life.

Tauranga Labour list MP Jan Tinetti was among 120 MPs taking their oaths or affirmations of allegiance at the Beehive yesterday.

"It felt really unreal being there in that environment, hearing everybody's names being called out. I couldn't believe I was also there," Tinetti said.

"What an honour it was to do that. It's right up there with the top moments of my life really - from getting married to having kids."


Tinetti thought she had mentally and emotionally prepared for what was, so far, her biggest and most important moment as an MP.

"It hit me when I came around to sign and my hand started shaking. I thought. 'Oh my goodness, this is the moment, this incredible moment.'

"Walking back to my seat I couldn't keep the smile off of my face."

She said efforts from the National Party and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges to derail the ceremony and potentially make the new Government look foolish had not dampened her spirits.

Just as the vote to elect Trevor Mallard as Speaker was to be held, Bridges asked if MPs who were not yet sworn in could vote. Five MPs, including Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, were absent and therefore unable to be sworn in.

"Where's Winston when you need him?" Bridges taunted the Labour benches.

"Get used to it," another National MP commented.

Mallard was finally confirmed as the new Speaker but it later transpired that National was one down as well with David Carter away and Labour could have won the vote.


Bay of Plenty list MP Angie Warren-Clark said the moment was wonderful.

"It was an amazing feeling. I'm just really honoured."

Bridges, NZ First list MP Clayton Mitchell and Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller also reaffirmed their allegiance yesterday.