Just one Tauranga suburb recorded more votes for Labour than National, and only a few individual polling booths were coloured red, figures show.

Parkvale was the only area where the highest number of votes went to the Labour Party and its candidates.

The highest National majorities were in Bethlehem, Pyes Pa and Mount Maunganui.

The winning candidate for Tauranga, National's Simon Bridges, said he was very pleased with the results.


"In comparison with last time, they're actually really similar. I think the people of Tauranga had a clear sense that the city and the country's going in the right direction."

Parkvale had just one polling booth, and a relatively low number of votes overall.

The booth received 351 valid votes in the Tauranga electorate, for both party and candidate.

Labour's Jan Tinetti got just over half the candidate vote - 51.3 per cent, and her party took 49.6 per cent. National got just 26.5 per cent of the party vote and Mr Bridges received just under 28 per cent of electorate votes.

Votes in the Bay of Plenty electorate in Parkvale were very low, with just 41 valid votes almost evenly split between Labour and National.

Labour's Bay of Plenty candidate, Angie Warren-Clark, said the decision to run her campaign in conjunction with Jan Tinetti's worked well.

"I had an awesome team behind me."

Ms Warren-Clark said next time she would probably take more time off before the election to devote to her campaign.

"It was pretty exhausting. I'd possibly just give myself a few more weeks - an eight-week run-up."

She was working full-time until just six weeks before the election.

Despite the strong National support in the area, Ms Warren-Clark said she would not be keen to relocate to run in another electorate.

"My husband and I, we've been here a long time. That's one of the things I can bring as a list MP in the area."

Another polling booth received more votes for Ms Warren-Clark than National's Todd Muller, but just 20 votes were cast there in the Bay of Plenty electorate.

Mr Muller won the seat with a large majority - 61.6 per cent of all electorate votes, which he credited to three years of work in the electorate.

"The real driver behind a successful campaign is a firm grounding from a lifetime lived in the community and having done the work over the past three years - listening and engaging with your constituents on the issues that impact their lives," he said.

Although the National MP increased his majority from the last election, Ms Warren-Clark received nearly 3000 more votes than the Labour candidate in 2014.

Mr Bridges noted that Labour picked up a significant amount of support from the minor parties.

"It became this drag race between the two parties."

Bethlehem was the suburb that most heavily favoured National, with Mr Muller receiving more than 70 per cent of the Bay of Plenty electorate vote in Bethlehem.

Mr Bridges received 64 per cent of Bethlehem's Tauranga electorate vote.

In the Maori electorate of Waiariki, Labour dominated the Maori Party and National.

There were just two candidates - Labour's Tamati Coffey and the Maori Party's Te Ururoa Flavell. National picked up just 5 per cent of the party vote.

Ms Warren-Clark said, whatever the final results, she had a good time on the campaign trail.

"I found it to be a really enjoyable process, we were all respectful of each other, we attacked the policies and not each other."

How the suburbs voted - Tauranga electorate

Simon Bridges 64%
Jan Tinetti 20.7%
Clayton Mitchell 11.1%
Emma-Leigh Hodge 2.8%

National 63%
Labour 20.5%
NZ First 11%
Greens 2.4%


Jan Tinetti 51.3%
Simon Bridges 27.9%
Clayton Mitchell 16%
Emma-Leigh Hodge 3.4%

Labour 49.6%
National 26.5%
NZ First 14.5%
Greens 3.4%

Bay of Plenty electorate

Todd Muller 71%
Angie Warren-Clark 19%
Lester Gray 8.6%

National 64.6%
Labour 18.4%
NZ First 9.87%
Greens 3%


Todd Muller 47.5%
Angie Warren-Clark 47.5%
Lester Gray 5%

National 46.3%
Labour 41.5%
NZ First 7.3%
Greens 4.9%