Winston offers good policy

I'm surprised that Isabel Ashmore asks Winston what he's bringing to the coalition discussion besides nine parliamentary seats (Letters, October 2).
Down in Grey St, for nearly four months, the New Zealand First campaign headquarters has been open for business, providing all sorts of policy and electoral information.
Her question suggests she never bothered to pop in and check things out.
And she joins Mr [Jim] Bolger on linking National and the Greens - can't get much sillier than that.

Joy Marks

Pragmatic first

Winston Peters/NZ First's time frame of an October 12 decision date is not unreasonable, as with his refusal to talk to media regarding negotiations with other political parties.
However, simply stalling for time on the special votes final count is ludicrous because nobody can see the dynamics changing except minor seat numbers.
Any baubles and bangles wrangling is unacceptable and Kiwis will only accept policy-related deals.
NZ First's bottom lines in order of priority/merit seem to be: binding referendum to abolish the Maori electoral seats; opposition to all water taxes; repeal iwi provisions in RMA; disband Whanau Ora; slash immigration numbers; ban land sales to all foreigners; cancel emissions trading scheme.
The above initiatives are all eminently reasonable and sensible meaning that any pragmatic government could readily implement them.
While NZ First has a duty to its supporters to stand firm, provided the main goals are achieved, then it should form a coalition with any compliant party - if not then opt out and sit on the cross benches.
Presumably Labour and Greens will not move on the abolition of the Maori seats.

Tony Fellingham


Weather misty

Sonya Bateson's editorial (Opinion, October 2) predicting a continuation of our recent gloomy weather misrepresents the MetService weather forecast.
She says that apart from Wednesday, MetService is expecting more of the same gloomy weather for the next 10 days.
This is not correct. A glance at the 14-day forecast on the MetService website, or even the newspaper's weather column, will show that MetService is expecting considerable sunshine on most days.
Rain and sunshine are not mutually exclusive. You can get both on the same day.

Barry Nesdale

Show amazing

A group of us went to the opening night of Mary Poppins on Saturday and were well and truly blown away by the amazing show. It was totally professional from start to finish and the whole audience was behind them every step of the way.
The highlight for me was the choreography, especially the tap dancing and Supercalifragilistic song.
Well done to all of you and we look forward to many more shows from the Tauranga Musical Theatre.

Teresa Emmerson