National's Scott Simpson has comfortably won a third term in the Coromandel.

The 57-year-old received 21,010 votes and the National Party was equally as dominant in the party vote, getting 19,693.

Mr Simpson, who was first elected MP for the Coromandel in 2011, said he never took anything for granted and always campaigned as if it was the most marginal seat in the country.

"So we got a good result and certainly our hard work was rewarded."


Labour's Nathaniel James Blomfield received the second highest number of votes with 7711, the Green's Scott Summerfield was third with 4280, and New Zealand First's Anne-Marie Andrews was fourth with 3700.

Labour was second in the party vote with 10,259, NZ First was third with 4684 and the Green Party was fourth with 1872.

Mr Simpson watched those results come through in Thames with a group of National Party faithful.

"A lot of the people that were there had been scrutineering, working the phone banks and things like that . . . so it was good to get together with a group of hard-working supporters."

Yesterday he was doing a road trip around the region thanking people and was due to head to Wellington today.

"We'll have our first caucus meeting and then there's a wee bit of uncertainly while the post-election negotiations go on.

"But as far as I'm concerned around the electorate, it's business as usual."