Todd McClay has run his campaign on a minimum of sleep and a maximum of V energy drinks.

Yesterday he told the Rotorua Daily Post ''I am trying not to have any V today'' as he knuckled down for his fourth term representing Rotorua.

The seasoned politician won by a landslide over Labour candidate Ben Sandford and said ''I've got the best job in the country...a fourth term just blows me away''.

He also credited the victory to his local, wider electorate supporters.


''Look it's an absolute honour and I am humbled. I'm so grateful for everybody that has shown their support and got out there and turned up and voted on the day.''

A campaign enthusiast, McClay said it was a fantastic opportunity to meet his constituents face to face, listen to their concerns and engage with people who asked questions they thought they may never be able to ask.

''It was a very respectful campaign and Ben and I got to talk about issues and not each other.''

The National Party had made a number of pledges to the city which he would work hard to deliver.

Rotorua's housing issue and population growth was a challenge but 900 new homes were earmarked for the city by the Government and the council under the housing accord over the next four years - and that would be a priority, he said.

''As people choose Rotorua as a place to raise their children we need to make sure they have good places to live. We have said we will open two new schools which will be parents choice and we are very keen for that to kick off early next year.''

A National elected Government would also form a four lane Te Ngae Rd, freeing up land for houses and businesses to keep growing.

But McClay said New Zealanders had also voiced a desire to focus ''on those that are not doing as well as we need them to''.


So he wanted to invest his efforts into young people and families to make sure they were engaged not only with the community but various government agencies and services that could help them.

''I want to make sure Rotorua is a great place to live and raise kids. I think it goes to show there are a lot of people who care about Rotorua and I stand at the front of that queue.

Today McClay was back in Wellington ready to continue the hard graft where there would be ''no time for rest''.

The next few days would be focused on how the Government was pulled together, the State Owned Enterprises and Trade Minister said.

On election night about 400 people gathered at the Rotorua CT Club to cheer McClay as he confidently stomped home and back into Parliament.

When the final call came in the crowd erupted as a cascade of blue and white balloons filled the room.


By the numbers
Rotorua's MP Todd McClay won 16,544 votes.
It was the first time in 21 years a Rotorua MP has held their seat for four or more terms.
Labour candidate Ben Sandford conceded just after 10pm with 9114 votes.
Special votes yet to be counted.