Open from 1pm

"I have the best option for not only Easter Sunday, but all public holidays.
"I believe that when a public holiday is upon us, that they should be like Anzac Day.
Which means, of course, that no shops are to be open until 1pm on these days.
I also think this should curb the shopping mania that seems to follow our public holidays.
"Food for thought."

R Greer
Pyes Pa

It's up to us to shun plastic use

"There has been a lot of publicity given to plastic shopping packets, more so just lately.
"I'm sure we are all aware of the dangers of discarded plastic, to the environment and especially to sea creatures who either mistake a floating plastic bag as food, or worse still, get caught up in the plastic and are strangled.
"But do we really think enough about these dangers?
"New World has a television advertisement regarding the payment for plastic bags.
that's a step sideways in my mind.
"We should be encouraging everyone to stop using plastic bags altogether.
To pay a small charge for a plastic bag will not deter people from throwing them away.
Most supermarkets have really nice shoppers which are sold at a minimal cost. These are sufficient for all kinds of goods.
"Please stop asking for plastic packets, or simply just refuse them at the tills.
Only the consumer can stop this damage to our environment. Make an effort today."

Isabel Ashmore


Dividing line

"Some voters might have missed the significance, but the two groups into which the political parties have, by their policies, sorted themselves are pro-life and pro-abortion.
"In my view, those that are pro-life are national, nz first, conservatives, and probably Maori - based on one statement on "parental consent" by marama fox.
"The rest are, in my view, pro-abortion, and in spite of Jacinda Ardern's bungled attempts to qualify the removal of abortion from the crimes act, will eventually, in my opinion, have to accept that this means abortions up to full-term, nine months, as in Victoria, Australia.
"Of all the pro-life parties, the conservatives are the only party to opt to retain the present abortion law but with five pro-life amendments to further protect both mother and unborn child."

Don Brebner