High degree of difficulty

Migrants are not the only ones with problems (News, September 12). A shiny new honours-level electrical engineering degree does not get a job either for my Wellington-based, New Zealand-born son-in-law in this "rock-star economy".

David Riley

Social solutions

A.D. Kirby (Opinion, September 18), in my opinion, has a very biased view of Labour Party policies.

The reality is that the present Government is not solving the problems of unaffordable housing, children living in poverty, people unable to live on the minimum wage or benefits, and polluted rivers. Our national economic growth comes largely from immigration, with the average worker no better off at all. Labour Party policies are realistic, affordable solutions to our social problems.


They do not require large tax increases, as confirmed by reputable economists.

The National Party tax cuts being offered are an unaffordable illusion.

Past tax cuts have still not been paid for, simply covered by government borrowing which currently stands at about $60 billion.

Peter Dey
Welcome Bay

Plain English

He may have spent 27 years in Parliament.

He may even know what's going on down there.

He has helped raise six children into adulthood.

He even balanced the books in times of crisis.

And rumour has it he may even be normal bloke.

Today, he's still Billivering to all New Zealanders.

Whether you're rich or poor, he gives to both.

He wants all New Zealanders to do well.

I'm a Billiever. Are you?

Graeme Martin

Bridge too far

A press release from the National Party leader in 2008 makes interesting reading and the following extract quotes seem quite clear: "A National-led Government will build the Tauranga Central Corridor ... The project will include a new bridge at Turret Rd ... National is promising to meet the project's full cost of $100 million to resolve this emerging Achilles heel of Tauranga's roading network ... Completion is expected to take five to six years ..."

The underpass at Welcome Bay is under construction, but that is only going to funnel cars faster into the bridge bottleneck.

John Key's press release was dated November 4, 2008.

Since then, Key people seem to be ducking for cover on the bridge issue.

I wonder if all the National Party election promises will be swept under the bridge or take nine or more years to be resolved.

Is this bridge going to be the Achilles heel of Simon Bridges?

Stephen Parr
Welcome Bay