A pow wow is being held in Waihi next weekend of 100 women from every walk of life who have one thing in common.

Women Who Get Shit Done is an "unconference" - meaning it is unlike any ordinary conference in that it brings together women of all kinds to share their thoughts, stories, projects and experiences.

For the first time it is coming to the Bay, specifically Waihi Beach, next weekend for two nights.

Lead organiser Angela Wallace said at an unconference, there was no pre-set agenda or guest speakers swooping in and out.


The plan for the weekend would be built by the group of women on the first night and sessions would be run informally based on what the women wanted to share, discuss and learn.

Things like booze culture to organ donation to life without kids or women in governance could be discussed, she said, it really just depended on what the women attending were passionate about.

The event only took 100 women, who applied and were selected by organisers.

Applicants came from around and outside the Bay and nearly half of the selected women were from the Bay of Plenty.

Ms Wallace said the women were selected to reflect a wide variety of ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and passions.

"We wanted to get as many voices as possible."

Ms Wallace attended the event in Wellington and knew it would be a hit in the Bay of Plenty.

Mount Maunganui's Sarah Bunker, owner of writing agency Away With Words, was one of the 100 women going to the unconference.


"I've never been to an unconference or even knew what it was . . . but for me this is a year of adventure and trying new things," Mrs Bunker said.

She said she was looking forward to meeting all the powerful, different, inspiring, passionate but "also just normal" women that she would not have met in her life otherwise.

"It will be great being able to share good energy with other women who are all there because they have something to give but also make connections and learn from everyone else."