The Post-Primary Teachers' Association has proposed getting rid of gendered school uniforms.

Thank goodness someone out there is finally talking sense. It's absolutely ridiculous that girls are forced to wear skirts in this day and age.

I've always believed school is an inappropriate place to be wearing skirts. Who wants to be running around or sitting on the ground to eat lunch while having to worry about flashing your knickers to all and sundry? Or the chafing you can get in the heat of summer?

Not I.


At my high school in Whakatane, our uniforms were basically identical for boys and girls. We all had the same blue shorts, the same white polo shirts, the same blue woollen jumpers. Our navy trousers were almost identical except the girls' fit was ever so slightly more feminine.

Girls had the option of wearing a skirt but, in my time, no one ever did. In winter, we were allowed to wear white skivvies under our polo shirts and could layer up with a scarf in a matching colour to keep warm.

And, you know what? The world didn't end. I'm not aware of a single person who ever questioned their gender identity because we all wore the same clothes.

The uniforms had nothing to do with our sexuality or transgenderism like some pundits are losing their heads about (although I wouldn't have a problem with this), we all just chose to wear what we were comfortable in.

I can remember going on school trips out of town and laughing with my school friends at the poor girls wearing those horrid long plaid skirts.

Why does it matter whether boys and girls are wearing skirts or shorts? It won't affect their learning in any way, and that is, after all, why they're at school.

Bring on the change.