A Mount Maunganui recording studio is opening its doors to local musicians through a talent competition.

The challenge was simple - upload a video of your talent - but the payoff would be massive - your song being professionally recorded and produced including mixing and mastering by Studio 11B.

The competition was open to solo artists, duos, bands or school bands and entries so far have ranged from a guy with his guitar in his bedroom to a rock band's full pub gig.

Evan Pope, Studio 11B engineer, said the competition gave someone in Tauranga who might not usually have the means the chance to record their song.


"We are here to recreate their vision, our job is to put the song they have in their head or heart down in a recorded track."

He said these days many people could record themselves in their bedroom with a microphone and laptop, but the studio offered something much more.

Studio 11B had analogue gear, an assortment of vintage guitars, amps, drums and percussion, and a mixing console originally belonging to Radio Hauraki in the 1980s.

"The finished product is quite complex, it's not just showing up and recording, there's the mixing process and the mastering," Mr Pope said.

What the winner did with the finished product was completely up to them, "they could push it and make a successful career out of it or some just like having a piece of art that is theirs".

Studio 11B was working with The Hits Bay of Plenty to promote the competition and showcase local talent.

The Hits radio 95FM DJ Will Johnston said anyone could enter and the competition was wide open.

"Upload a mate's video if you think they have talent. Don't even ask, just throw it up and they could get recorded."


Even if the video was shaky or filmed in a bedroom, the talent would shine through and could catch the eyes of Studio 11B to win.

- Upload your video to The Hits Bay of Plenty Facebook page, underneath the promotional video https://www.facebook.com/thehitsbayofplenty/?ref=br_rs
- Competition deadline 5pm, Sunday June 4.