More than 1190 people have registered for the volunteer army set up to help clean up flood-ravaged Edgecumbe.

Already hundreds of home shave benefited from the Ngati Awa Volunteer Army since it was started on Monday April 10.

Regional council's Pim de Monchy, who was coordinating the volunteer efforts, said the number of people willing to roll up their sleeves for Edgecumbe was mind-blowing.

"They have come from all over New Zealand and as far as Germany and the Czech Republic. Already more than 5500 hours have been contributed to it," he said.


There was still a lot of work to be done in Edgecumbe, but the bulk of the work the volunteer army could help with was winding up.

"For that reason we will be closing off the online registration page at 2pm on Friday."

There would be no Ngati Awa Volunteer Army clean-ups over the weekend to give local coordinators a break and a chance to help their own families with clean-up.

Residents and families could still collect safety gear for cleaning up from the Edgecumbe hall free of charge until 4.30pm on Tuesday.

Residents who would still like the volunteer army's help should email or call 027 562 2230.

Those still interested in volunteering in Edgecumbe have until 2pm on Friday April 21 and can register by visiting