There will be no kerbside collection tommorrow due to high winds, with Tauranga City Council postponing Thursday collections to Sunday.

The council announced the closure this afternoon, while also advising that kerbside rubbish collecting for tomorrow and Good Friday had also been canned.

Wild weather is expected to bring extremly high winds and heavy rain to the region over the next 24 hours.

The Thursday collection has been postponed to Sunday, while Good Friday's collection will be picked up on Saturday. The closure applies to all users including public and commercial operators.


The council asked that people avoid using the transfer stations over Easter, if possible. The stations are expected to be very busy as commercial operators catch up on two days of kerbside collections, along with potential cyclone clean up.

Resource recovery and waste manager Rebecca Maiden said: "We are concerned that bins and bags out for collection and the collection vehicles themselves could pose a hazard to the public if wind gusts reach 150kph as predicted.

"Additionally, for these reasons the transfer stations will also be closed to the public and commercial operators."