All Edgecumbe houses affected by the floods have now been inspected.

Building officers and insurance advisors will open an information centre at the Awakeri Events Centre tomorrow to answer questions and queries regarding houses in Edgecumbe

Assisted access to cordoned areas Zones 3 and 4 was suspended at 3pm today due to the cyclone. Residents will be advised when access is available again

At this stage all Whakatane River stop banks are secure with ongoing monitoring being undertaken.


If there is a need for further evacuations because of the weather warnings will be issued as soon as possible. Edgecumbe residents will be alerted to any evacuations by fire station sirens sounding continuously and by emergency services vehicles driving round with sirens on.

Whakatane District residents are urged to remain prepared with Cyclone Cook looking set to hit the district around midnight.

While the current trajectory looks set to send Cyclone Cook more towards the Western Bay of Plenty residents are still urged to expect a significant downpour (100ml), strong winds (150kph), large swells and storm surges.

As soil in the district remains saturated from the previous cyclone all residents are advised to have an evacuation plan ready - especially if you live in a seaside, hilltop or flood prone area.

Have a supply of fresh food and enough clean water for three days ready to go and clear gutters and storm water grates of any debris

Full sandbags are available for residents from Tracks Concrete at 19 Arawa Road in
Whakatane or by calling 07 307 0581

If a public evacuation is necessary fire sirens will start operating around the district and Civil Defence centres are set up at the War Memorial Hall at 7 Hall Street in Whakatane
and Rautahi Marae at 117 Onslow Street in Kawerau

Keep up to date by listening to local radio stations (1XX, Sun Fm and Tumeke FM) as well as signing up for Bay of Plenty Civil Defence text alerts by texting WH (Whakatane) or KA (Kawerau) to 2028.

People can also follow the Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Facebook page at or visit the Bay of Plenty Civil Defence website at for information about how to get ready before an event.