Canines of all kinds showed off their talents at the annual Doggy Day Out in Katikati.

In between the barking, ferocious tail wagging and butt sniffing the dogs took part in several competitions including best dressed, talent show, and the 'sausage challenge'.

Dogs big and small impressed onlookers with their discipline by not eating a tasty morsel of sausage sitting in front of them until they were given the all-go.

While most dogs could not resist the sausage despite their owners' pleading and leash tugging, several of the pups ignored the sausage until their owners gave them the all-clear.


The talent show was the real display of ability as dogs showed off their sitting, jumping, laying and hand-shaking on command.

Some of the tricks got complicated and dogs were standing on hind legs, jumping over their owners and giving high-fives.

Papamoa residents Kate Waterhouse and Mike Williamson brought their 1-year-old labradoodle Ollie along.

Ollie took part in the sausage test and was one of the last dogs remaining.

Only three weeks ago the little curly-haired pup was hit by a car and lost his hind leg.

"We take him to puppy school and practice obedience and tricks at home but he doesn't have great road sense and he's still learning," Ms Waterhouse said.

Ollie was a bundle of energy and very social - which contributed to his accident as he ran into the road after seeing two girls and another dog playing with a ball across the street.

But he was bouncing back quickly, already socialising and checking out his canine competition at the Doggy Day Out.


Ollie could high-five and roll over, though he could no longer sit up like a bear because his balance was off.

"We've got to learn some new tricks for three-legged dogs," Ms Waterhouse said.