More than $100,000 has been granted to local councils to subsidise neutering for menacing dogs in the region.

Tauranga City Council received $55,956.52, and Western Bay of Plenty District Council received $44,830.43 of government funding to reduce the "risk and harm" of dog attacks.

The government funding announced by Associate Minister for Local Government Jacqui Dean today was part of a New Zealand-wide action plan.

The campaign was being carried out by the local councils, often in coordination with veterinarians and SPCAs.


Other aspects of the national plan, launched last year, would come out later this year, including a bill requiring high-risk dog owners to license their dogs.

Bay of Plenty National Party MP Todd Muller welcomed the injection of funds.

Mr Muller said the number of menacing dogs would reduce in the long-term, as neutering was linked to decreased roaming and aggression.

"To be clear this legislation is not targeted at good, law-abiding dog owners. It is not targeted specifically at bad dog owners. It is targeted towards many dog owners in our community who want to neuter their dogs but can't afford to do so."