Emotional plight of migrants heartbreaking

I often wander around downtown and notice many ethnic people almost cowering as they walk along. Saturday's article (News, November 19) regarding the emotional plight of these folks who come to New Zealand looking for a better life for them and their families - only to be the recipients of overt and covert racism in the form of "looks" and/or negative commentary [was upsetting].

It's painful enough to have to run away leaving everything familiar behind, and so terribly unkind for anyone to have to experience what was described in Saturday's article. It makes me heartsick.

The inhumanity shown to these people who, more often than not, are here after escaping intolerable conditions in their home countries, is shameful.|


So c'mon Tauranga; a smile, a nod and maybe a quick hello works magic. I know because I experience it whenever I am out and about and the smiles and nods in return are of relief and convey thanks for the kindness they received.

Rayna Knighton

Cost of housing needs to be addressed

To a family or young couple looking for a rental, the news of the median weekly rentals up at $450 per week must be devastating. I have often thought that there should be a "rent control" system so that landlords are unable to raise rents whenever they like, and often forcing families out of their homes because of this exorbitant increase in rentals.

It's all very well for someone to say that it is important "for tenants to be professional in their presentation and communication" (News, November 28). A lot of tenants are not able to put together all this information and professionalism that is supposedly required to obtain a good rental. Most people just want and deserve to have a decent place to live warmly and safely with their families or partner. They are not on top of all the nitty gritty things that they apparently need to know; in fact they are just ordinary everyday Kiwis. So why does it need "homework" and a professional presentation to find a place to rent?

I think it's a sad state of affairs that the statistics show how rentals are increasing, as we speak, making landlords more and more wealthy, at the expense of hardworking, honest people whose income just hasn't kept up with the trend of rentals. Where on earth are these people to go, tell me, when they just cannot afford the rental being increased continually? Don't we have enough of a homeless problem already?

Isabel Ashmore

Garden and Art Festival fantastic

I would just like to thank the organisers for organising a beautiful selection of gardens for us to see in the Garden and Art Festival. We have a lot of talented gardeners and artists in the Bay and thanks to all of you for allowing the public to look at your gardens and art. I also had some lovely lunches at the gardens that had cafes, so thanks to all for a few enjoyable days.

Wendy Galloway

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