A purchase of $400 for a trio of books became the bargain of the weekend at this year's annual charity book sale.

Tauranga book lovers inundated the Tauranga Harbour City Lions' Annual Book Sale on Devonport Rd throughout the weekend, with little let-up toward the sale's final hours yesterday.

''Normally Sunday is a very, very quiet day but it's been steady all day,'' book sale co-ordinator Christine Currie said.

''We haven't had the huge big rush at this sale like we normally have but it has been steady, steady, steady all day long and we love that.''


Biographies, autobiographies, vinyl and fiction were again in hot demand as the most popular genres but it was the three Picturesque Atlas of Australasia books that created the sale of the weekend.

''We had that on tender and we got $400 for those three books,'' she said.

Ms Currie said the club was incredibly grateful to the members of the public who donated their books and helped make the sale happen. She was especially thankful to the shops which acted as book drop-off points.

''That involved a lot of haulage in and out of cars, it wouldn't have been easy work. We would have been lost without them.''

As in every other year, money made from the book sale will be distributed to local charities, yet to be determined.

Last year the book sale raised $30,000.