Thousands flocked to Cliff Rd, Tauranga yesterday to reel over vintage cars - some more than a century old.

Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club show event organiser John Payne said those who attended the annual event "loved their cars".

Mr Payne was thrilled with the thousand odd people who came to the event which was raised as a fundraiser for the local club.

"We get such an array of people from young and old, those keenly interested in cars right through to small children, there is something for everyone"


Mr Payne said there was a huge selection of cars on display, ranging from a 1906 Reo Roadster, to some of the most popular cars from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

"There are all sorts of people coming each with different interests in their own styles of cars."

Mr Payne said his personal favourite car of the this year's show was a Jaguar.

It was an inter generation event, he said.

"It changes over the years. At first you come with your own children. Then a few years down the track you come with your grandchildren and their friends from across the road."

Car enthusiast Bob Taylor said he bought his 1906 Reo Roadster about 40-years-ago with work and progress on it being ongoing ever since.

Today, the car, which had two gears, could still hit 37km/p on the open road and 20km/p up a hill.

"She's not in a hurry to go anywhere."

The car had brought him a lot of pleasure, he said.

"I've been from Auckland to Wellington in it, six days on the road. We had a ball."

"It's a pleasure to drive it, even though it is getting harder because I am getting older. The car ceases to amaze me."

The Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club annual show held in Tauranga. Photo/George Novak
The Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club annual show held in Tauranga. Photo/George Novak

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