Reports of fireworks let off on Mauao at Mount Maunganui last night have sparked a warning from firefighters called to the scene.

Mount Maunganui fire station officer Paul van Kol said they received a couple of calls of concern that someone was letting fireworks off on Mauao, including a call from a woman who was filming it then thought better of it.

''We called police and we got the surf club involved. They helped us to get to the top,'' Mr van Kol said.

''We got there and there was no sign of fire or fireworks. We couldn't find any evidence.''


The incident sparked upset on social media, with people heavily criticising the people responsible.

''People should have fun but just be aware of our recreational parks like Mauao,'' Mr van Kol said.

At the beginning of this year emergency services spent hours fighting a large fire on Mauao, believed to have been caused by fireworks. The incident shut down the Mauao end of Mount Maunganui for several hours.

About 1am Mount Maunganui firefighters were also called to a rubbish bin near Bay Wave that had been set alight by fireworks.