For Kay Laing, volunteering at Tauranga Community Foodbank has been "a real eye-opener".

Mrs Laing started volunteering at the foodbank about a month ago and, in that time, had learned a lot about what goes on out of sight in the community.

Mrs Laing said she decided to start helping out at the foodbank after she left her job working in a shop.

She had always enjoyed helping others in her community by doing things like cooking meals for people, so has discovered the foodbank is a good fit.


"I didn't want to go and work in another shop so I thought 'why not work for the foodbank?' It's just lovely here.

"I enjoy the company of the other volunteers and meeting the people that come in here to pick up the parcels."

Mrs Laing said it was a good feeling knowing she and the others were doing something to help people worse off than themselves.

"It's a real eye-opener because there's a lot you don't realise from the outside."

Mrs Laing said even though the tasks at foodbank could be mundane, it often involved breaking up bulk food items into smaller packages for the parcels, it was all enjoyable mostly because of the company of the other volunteers.

"We're just doing whatever needs to be done. Making up parcels, breaking up food, cleaning - just doing whatever needs being done.

"It's great fun."