More than 20 stalls popped up over the weekend offering everything from reflexology, clairvoyance, natural skin products to aura photographs and chakra energy readings.

The Tauranga Healthy Living Festival at Mount Maunganui Sports Centre attracted people interested in improving their lives through natural and spiritual means.

Free seminars were also held all weekend featuring talks about natural healing oils and mediumship.

Carlysle Vivian was at the festival doing colourful spiritual drawings.


Using colours of the rainbow Ms Vivian drew the physical representation of the spirit and energy she sensed around her clients.

"They are different for each person. I draw to get in touch with their spirit guide. It shows if someone is having challenges relating to people or doubting themselves," she said.

Her clients go away feeling encouraged with some clarity about their conflicting feelings and busy minds.

Ms Vivian said she always knew there was something more than what could be seen, but she did not get the confidence to do spirit drawings until 12 years ago when her husband died.

"It started out as something I did to comfort myself. Then I started doing it for friends and then strangers - that was scary at first."