A Bob Marley cover featuring more than 20 of New Zealand's biggest names in music has been re-released to support the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

Tiki Taane, who lives in Tauranga, was one of the 22 artists to lend his voice to 'Get Up Stand Up', along with Che Fu, Maisey Rika, King Kapsi, Logan Bell from Katchafire and Dan Weetman from The Black Seeds.

The song, originally released in August 2014 to encourage New Zealanders to vote, has been re-released for sale on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Bandcamp.

All profits from the song would go to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - Dakota Access Pipeline Fund.

Native Americans and environmentalists on Sioux tribe land in North Dakota, USA have been attempting to stop the planned construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline - recently standing up to tasers, pepper spray and rubber bullets.


The NZ$5.28 billion underground pipeline would pump 470,000 barrels of domestic crude oil a day across four states to Illinois.

Those in opposition say the pipeline would endanger the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation if there was a rupture and its construction would destroy sacred burial grounds and artefacts.

The release page of the song said the group of artists had been strongly inspired by reggae legend Bob Marley.

"Bob inspired a feeling of hope in New Zealand that still resonates to this day," it said.

Links to buy the song are here.

Get Up Stand Up

Written by B.Marley and P.Tosh
Covered by Tutahi (Stand as One)
Arranged By W.Maxwell / L.Kora
Engineered by Lee Prebble
Produced by Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa
Warren Maxwell: Clav, Keys
Laughton Kora: Guitar, Hammond
Brad Kora: Drums
Rio Hunuki-Hemopo: Bass
Alistair Fraser: Pukaea
Tiki Taane: Pūtātara (conch shell)

Vocalists (Alphabetical Order):

Bailey Wiley
Charlie Pome'e (Three Houses Down)
Che Fu
Daniel Weetman (The Black Seeds)
Darren Katene (1814)
Diaz Grimm
ENO (SuperVillains RMC)
Isaac Aesili
King Kapisi
Laughton Kora (Kora, L.A.B.)
Lisa Tomlins
Logan Bell (Katchafire)
Maisey Rika
Mark Vanilau
Rachel Fraser
Rio Hunuki-Hemopo (TrinityRoots)
Sid Diamond
Taye Williams
Tiki Taane
Warren Maxwell (TrinityRoots)

Executive Producer: Mikee Tucker
Assistant Producer: Jaz Kapow
2nd Assistant Producer: Sophia Bramhall
Assistant Engineer: Jason Huss
Mastering: Mike Gibson
Music Video: Johnny Agnew, Azita Pirnia
Recorded at Roundhead Studios, Auckland, New Zealand.