Tauranga City Councillor Kelvin Clout will retain his title as deputy mayor.

Mr Clout was among the city's new councillors being sworn in at the council chambers this afternoon.

Mr Clout was the deputy mayor to Stuart Crosby during the last three years and also served as an at large councillor.

He campaigned for the mayoral role this election year but lost to Mayor Greg Brownless, who was also sworn in today.


Mr Clout said in his speech while being sworn in that he was once again the ''bridesmaid''.

In accepting the position, Mr Clout thanked Mr Brownless for putting his faith in him to fulfil the deputy mayor role.

''The last three years I was deputy mayor, I really enjoyed it and I feel I grew into the role,'' Mr Clout said.

''I know as a mayor you can't be in more than one place at once. And it's important that you have a deputy that can step in and support you and represent the city and this council at various functions and events.''

Mr Clout said he was happy and excited to serve again in the role.

Former councillors Larry Baldock and Terry Molloy were elected into the council this year after not being successful in the previous election.

Newcomer and former Chamber of Commerce chief executive Max Mason was also elected.

Existing councillors Leanne Brown, Steve Morris, Catherine Stewart, Kelvin Clout, Rick Curach and Gail McIntosh will also be sworn in.

The first official meeting of the new council will be held on November 22, when elected members will adopt their code of conduct, standing orders and the governance structure.

The first normal business council meeting will be held on December 6.