It was a mixed day of emotions for the Campbell siblings from the Omanu club on day three of the Cobra Puma New Zealand Amateur Championship at the Royal Wellington Golf Club.

Shaun Campbell continued the form that made him top qualifier with wins over Tauranga's William Howard and Reid Hilton.

In tomorrow morning's quarter finals, Campbell takes on Jonathan Cane on his home course in what is clearly youth versus experience and power versus patience.

Sadly Shaun's older sister Alanna Campbell was beaten 4/3 by Jasmine Rou (Russley) to end her dreams of claiming the title.


In the men's match of the day, Tauranga-based Luke Toomey has completed a come from behind victory against Whakatane High School's Henry Spring in an epic battle.

Toomey made three birdies in his final four holes to defeat a courageous Spring, who held a two-up lead for the majority of the match before the final stretch where the two were trading remarkable birdies in treacherous conditions.

It was a big day for the best ranked player [Toomey] in the field as he had to face off against a fellow New Zealand representative in Luke Brown this morning.

"It was a tough day having to play Luke in the morning, but I played some of my best golf yet, having to then face Springers in the afternoon was a tough battle," said a relieved Toomey.

"It was high intensity all afternoon and he definitely brought the heat! He holed some putts that were seriously clutch in response to my birdies and all the way to the finish it was nail biting."

Spring was the backbone of this epic encounter and will take positives from a result that will be hard to swallow after leading for the majority of the contest.

"It was unreal coming up against Luke so early in the tournament. For me it felt like a final and it's awesome to think I almost beat Luke and knowing that, I would have beaten anyone else today. Looking back, I'm not disappointed because of how well I played today," said Spring.

The omission of defending champion Daniel Hillier was the first upset of the day as Shiv Sabherwal pulled out a dominant performance to win 4/2.

In the women's field, as predicted there were some solid margins of victory with the majority of favourites progressing to the top eight tomorrow.

Muchin Keh, Siyi Keh, Chantelle Cassidy, Brittney Dryland and Rose Zheng, all recorded very dominant victories.

Men's Results
Round One Match-Play

Shaun Campbell (Omanu) b William Howard (Tauranga) 3/2, Reid Hilton (Russley) b Colin Coleman (Australia) 2/1, Shiv Sabherwal (Windross Farm) b Daniel Hillier (Manor Park) 4/2, Jonathan Cane (Royal Wellington) b Christian Nitsche (Whangarei) 4/3, Mark Hutson (Muriwai) b Ryan Chisnall (Greenacres) 3/2, Jake Meenhorst (Huapai) b Jack Murdoch (Australia) 3/2, Peter Spearman-Burn (Miramar) b Andrew Drummond (Greenacres) 1-up, Jack Pierse (Ireland) b Dean Gray (Masterton) 3/2, Luke Toomey (Riverside) b Luke Brown (The Pines) 5/4, Henry Spring (Whakatane) b Jeremy Fuchs (Australia) 5/4, Chang Gi Lee (Pupuke) b Jordan Woodall (Cambridge) 2/1, Fraser MacLachlan (Millbrook) b India Logan (Wakatipu) at the 20th, Stephen Walsh (Ireland) b Jayden Ford (Titahi) 1-up, Nick Coxon (Riverside) b Fletcher Broderick (New Plymouth) 6/5, James Hydes (Wainui) b Tommy Liu (Royal Auckland) 4/2, Louis Dobbelaar (Australia) b Dominic Brettkelly (Hororata) at the 19th.

Women's Results
Round One Match-Play

Erika Cui (Boulcott's Farm) b Bridget Connolly (Waitemata) 3/2, Deedee Taylah-Russell (Australia) b Zhuoyi Hu (Royal Wellington) 3/2, Siyi Keh (Pakuranga) b Yoonjeong Huh (Gulf Harbour) 4/2, Jessie Ji (North Shore) b Jeong Hyun Lee (Christchurch) 3/2, Montanna Strauss (Australia) b Gennai Goodwin (Australia) 4/2, Amelia Garvey (Kaiapoi) b Darae Chung (Shandon) 5/4, Ela Grimwood (Gulf Harbour) b Gauen Baek (Gulf Harbour) 9/7, Jasmine Rou (Russley) b Emmalee Morrell (Tauranga) 1-up, Munchin Keh (Titirangi) b Shontalia William (Boulcott's Farm) 3/2, Grace Senior (Wairakei) b Tara Raj (Wanganui) 6/4.
Byes: Rose Zheng, Chantelle Cassidy, Juliana Hung, Alanna Campbell, Brittney Dryland.

Men's Results
Round Two Match-Play

Shaun Campbell (Omanu) b Reid Hilton (Russley) 20th, Jonathan Cane (Royal Wellington) b Shiv Sabherwal (Windross Farm) 4/2, Jake Meenhorst (Huapai) b Mark Hutson (Muriwai) 4/3, Peter Spearman-Burn (Miramar) b , Jack Pierse (Ireland) 1up, Luke Toomey (Riverside) b Henry Spring (Whakatane) 1up, Fraser MacLachlan (Millbrook) b Chang Gi Lee (Pupuke) , Nick Coxon (Riverside) b Stephen Walsh (Ireland) 4/3, Louis Dobbelaar (Australia) b James Hydes (Wainui) 5/4.

Women's Results
Round Two Match-Play

Rose Zheng (Pakuranga) b Erika Cui (Boulcott's Farm) 3/1, Deedee Taylah-Russell (Australia) b Miree Jung (Titirangi) 19th, Siyi Keh (Pakuranga) b Julianna Hung (Russley) 6/4, Brittney Dryland (Titirangi) b Jessie Ji (North Shore) 3/2, Chantelle Cassidy (Riverside) b Montanna Strauss (Australia) 4/3, Ela Grimwood (Gulf Harbour) b Amelia Garvey (Kaiapoi) 1up, Jasmine Rou (Russley) b Alanna Campbell (Omanu) 4/3, Munchin Keh (Titirangi) b Grace Senior (Wairakei) 6/4