As most long-time readers will know, bullying is a subject that will have steam pouring out of my ears and the poor keyboard will be shuddering under the increasing power of each letter being pounded into its plastic shell.

The blood pressure rises and, well, let's just say it's a shame I'm way too old to be playing Aussie Rules as I'd hit the field ready to deal out some carnage.

My loathing of bullies isn't because I was particularly hard done by as a lad, it is more a dislike born from two things.

The pathetic need of some, usually a low self-esteemed individual or knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, to try to make other people as miserable as themselves; or the belief by some narcissistic "prince" or "princess" personality type that the world revolves round them and they have no regard for other people.

There are too many of the former in New Zealand's streets and schools, as violence and bullying figures have shown over the years, but I reckon it is the second of the two bullying types who are the more dangerous.

We have a prime example of that standing to be president of the United States of America.

You guessed it.

The carrot-topped Republican candidate, Donald Trump, whose support is falling away faster than a barrel going over the Niagara Falls.

It seems his only supporters are family members and vocal yokels who can barely muster a headful of teeth throughout their entire trailer park.

Make no mistake, Trump is a bully as has been shown throughout the election campaign and before that in the candidate selection process.

He has picked on Mexicans, Muslims, blacks and then, most stupidly of all, women.

Trump has belittled their looks, their natural bodily functions and basically said that unless women were attractive, they weren't worth the time of day.

The Republican candidate has also been accused by about 11 women of sexually inappropriate behaviour towards them. He has denied it and threatened to sue them all.

A typical action from an extremely wealthy bully who seems not to know the difference between his reality TV show, The Apprentice, and real life.

In that show he was the Lord of All and could fire anyone whenever he felt like it and say whatever the hell he wanted.

In an election campaign, voters get to have their own say.

Opposing candidates, particularly veteran campaigners such as Hillary Clinton, fight back.

Not that Trump understands this. He just barges on through, not listening and making up things that aren't true. For example, that all Mexicans are drug dealers or rapists. And they will get to build his wall along their border with America and pay for it too.

In what world can he possibly expect that to happen? Trumpworld, that's where.

When he is pulled up by neutral media people about his assertions and fallacies Trump goes on the attack. Sometimes he is viciously cruel, as he was to a disabled reporter whom he mimicked in a disgraceful fashion.

The media, the deluded candidate says, is corrupt; ignoring the fact that they are pretty much just reacting to his claims, trying to get him to back them up (which he never does), or finding out about his tax returns, his multiple bankruptcies or his avoidance of serving in the military.

These are things that all people who want to become the most powerful individual in the world (other than our Queen, of course) need to open up about.

Not Trump.

He just blusters on and on and on but, worse than that, he's now whinging like a spoilt teenager about how unfair it all is.

Be an a-hole Donald, that's much better than being a whining, beaten bully.

The latest figures are not looking good for him and if his campaign ends up in a train wreck then the rest of the world will breathe a sigh of relief.

So will most Republicans, who have belatedly distanced themselves from him. The chances are Trump could be the Democrats best-ever weapon as civil war within the Republicans, or whoever is left of them, will reportedly be long and bloody and could see the party split.

In my view, that may be a good thing.

For a party which espouses freedom and yet allows a man like Trump to be its presidential candidate deserves nothing less than what is coming to it.

Richard Moore is an award-winning Western Bay journalist and photographer.