The new Bay of Plenty District Health Board elected members have been announced.

Mark Arundel came out on top, with a vote count of 10,140 in the standard preferential voting system, where constituents rank the candidates from most preferred to least.

Yvonne Boyes, Geoff Esterman, Marion Guy, Judy Turner, Matua Parkinson and Ron Scott also join the board.

Ron Scott, who was a government appointee on the previous board, was elected, taking the seat vacated by previous board member David Stewart.


Mr Stewart did not seek re-election.

Elected - votes
Mark Arundel - 10140
Yvonne Boyes - 6628.39
Geoff Esterman - 6746.26
Marion Guy - 6395.64
Judy Turner - 6334.49
Matua Parkinson - 6328.39
Ron Scott - 6163.6

Bev Edlin
Jane Nees
Kirsten Marie Murfitt
Ron Chamerlain
Janet Peters
Callum Hunter
Richard Forster
Hylton Rhodes
Ron Fyfe
Carole Gordon
Peter Nicholl
Yvette Nora Lamare
Rob Moncrieff