The Bay of Plenty Regional Council election progress results are in.

In the Tauranga general constituency Paula Thompson, Stuart Crosby, John Cronin, David Love and Andrew von Dadelszen look set to take the five seats.

In the Western Bay of Plenty constituency Norm Bruning and Jane Nees were elected unopposed.

In the Mauao Maori constituency Awanui Black has been elected, more than 100 votes ahead of Carlton Bidois.


Eastern Bay of Plenty General Constituency (two vacancies)
Douglas Leeder 6491
Bill Clark 6233
Holmes Colin 4280
Informal 5
Blank voting papers 658
Tauranga General Constituency (five vacancies)
Paula Thompson 17922
Stuart Crosby 17520
John Cronin 15245
David Love 12960
Andrew Von Dadelszen 12057
Michael O'Neill 11589
Keith Johnston 7919
Rusty Kane 7498
Informal 19
Blank voting papers 2,397
Western Bay of Plenty General Constituency (two vacancies)
Norm Bruning elected unopposed
Jane Nees elected unopposed
Mauao Maori Constituency (one vacancy)
Awanui Black 873
Carlton Bidois 729
Informal 6
Blank voting papers 155
Rotorua General Constituency (two vacancies)
Lyall Thurston 7556
Kevin Winters 7001
Neil Oppatt 5755
Katie Paul 4098
Informal 21
Blank voting papers 1298
Okurei Maori Constituency (one vacancy)
Arapeta Tahana 1521
Gina Mohi 1468
Informal 61
Blank voting papers 262