UPDATE 1.36pm:

Police say members of the public captured two people suspected of carrying an aggravated robbery at a Tauranga Lotto outlet.

Police arrived to find the suspects restrained on the ground by members of the public.

Two people had been arrested and taken to the Tauranga police station for questioning and were helping police with their inquiries.

Police said a person had received minor injuries, but were not sure if it was a witness, victim or one of the suspects.


1.30pm: Tauranga police detective senior sergeant Greg Turner said there had been an attempted robbery at AJs Lotto dairy on Devonport Rd with a weapon yet to be determined.

He said thanks to good work by passing public two people were apprehended.

They were now being spoken to by police.

1.08pm: Reports are coming in of a heavy police presence on Devonport Rd, Tauranga.

It is understood they are responding to a robbery of a Lotto shop at about 1pm.

A reporter at the scene said there were about five police vehicles and an ambulance by the fountain on the Strand.

Police are talking to witnesses outside and inside the dairy.

A witness said he saw two people emerging from the dairy and were apprehended by the fountain on the Strand by members of the public.